WHMCS to EC2 with Apps?

I see that I can pick Cloudmin as a server type in WHMCS.

But, if I want to provision little VPSes, preferably Amazon t1.micros (the freebie ones), is there any doc for actually getting that done?

It would be nice to see something written from the position of an actual use case, like selling hosting- Like so:

Say you use one of these 3 billing systems- Link1/logo, LInk2/logo, Link3/logo, here’s how you set up a Cloudmin server in each one, etc…here’s how you set up a “Server Template” whatever it’s called in Cloudmin, so that your customer can sign up for a specific VPS image with you…

Is there a public demo for Cloudmin? I can see why there wouldn’t be, due to possible costs, etc., and that’s why it seems opaque to me. Or maybe it’s my own density.


I find to best serve a VPS through Cloudmin, is to not have WHMCS create a VPS at all, but to let it create a user or VPS Owner.
The user/owner can then log in to the system and install his/hers own OS

I tried the other way by creating VPS through templates, but that didn’t work as expected and was prone to errors.

Well, Thanks. That’s moving in the opposite direction of what I was looking for, in terms of ease/speed, etc. I am not picturing that many users who are keen to install their own VPS.

I am thinking more of an application virtualization market.

As always, Ronald, your input is valued and appreciated.