WHMCS remote user not allowed

I have researched the entire web for an answer to this issue.

My WHMCS is stating that the remote API user does not have permission.
So, no jobs are being launched to create anything on my Virtualmin PRO server.

I do have a ticket open with WHMCS tech support, but no real answers yet.

It has been 48 hours now that I have been trying to fix this issue.

I have LIVE CUSTOMERS now on my site trying to purchase products.

All configurations from both WHMCS and Virtualmin PRO have been double checked and the system calls should work.
The user I have created - another master user - has all boxes checked, including the remote API box.

But still get error.

Please help, anyone!

Thank you

Here is my config file for the remote access master user and it does have the option chosen YES:

|Root directory for file chooser|User’s home directory|
|Other visible directories in file chooser||
|Hide dot files in file chooser?|No|
|Browse files as Unix user|Same as Webmin login|
|Users visible in user chooser|All users|
|Groups visible in group chooser|All groups|
|Can send feedback email?|Yes|
|Can accept RPC calls?|Yes|
|Grant new module permissions to user?|Yes|
|User is in demo mode?|No|
|Show Webmin search field?|Yes|

Plus user has access to ALL MODULES !!!

This is my test option:


and this is the error I get:

ERROR: You are not allowed to run remote commands

I changed the user from an super admin user to the ROOT user with password.
The root user is able to run remote api commands.

Question, should we be using the root user?
If not, then how do we create another user with root function access?

The API needs a Webmin root user. Virtualmin users are restricted, by default, to a very limited set of functionality. Create a new root-level user in the Webmin->Webmin->Webmin Users page.

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