WHM to Webmin migration

I have a VPS with WHM/Cpanel that I’m using only for one website. The license for that software is expensive, and I want to use Webmin instead.
The thing is that I don’t know how to do the migration. Is migration even necessary or can I just install webmin and stop paying for WHM?
Also I want to know if Webmin has Phpmyadmin and ftp and email accounts administration, which is what I use.
Thank you.


Sure, you can do a cPanel to Virtualmin migration (Virtualmin is a Webmin module which is comparable to cPanel).

If you install Virtualmin using the install.sh script, you can then import cPanel backups into it using Add Servers -> Migrate Virtual Server.


To add to what Eric said (which is accurate, but maybe leaves a couple of questions unanswered).

You can’t just install Webmin (and Virtualmin) over cPanel. A cPanel system is unique in its perversity, and replaces the system-standard packages with its own oddball versions. Virtualmin works with OS-standard packages (in almost every case), and would conflict with the cPanel installation.

So, you’re going to need a fresh server for migrating to. But, once you’ve got Virtualmin installed, the migration process should be pretty painless. I’d guess there’s cPanel->Virtualmin migrations every day, and most go smoothly enough that the user doesn’t need to ask any questions or report any bugs.

So, backup your domains, get a new VPS with one of the grade A supported operating systems, follow the install instructions for Virtualmin at the [/download](Virtualmin download page), and then use the migrate feature to bring over your WHM/cPanel backups.