White list of virtualmin (spamassassin)


I have a problem on virtualmin about spamassassin white list. I have already defined the wildcards email address (server domain itself, e.g. virtual domain: domaina.com, wildcard address: *@domaina.com) at “spamassassin->allowed addresses”. And also enable “select Yes” at feature “server configuration->spam and virus delivery->always allow mail from mailboxes in domain”. However, we still encounter spam mail within internal email transfer within domain (e.g. “domaina.com”). How can I solve it?


Reference of the spam mail header

Yeah, it definitely doesn’t appear to be triggering your whitelists… can you show an example whitelist entry that you’d have expected the email you shared above to have used?

Perhaps before doing that, you might try restarting SpamAssassin if you hadn’t already. SpamAssassin has to be restarted anytime it’s config changes.