Which proftpd to use?

with RedHat 7, I see mutiple proftpd versions … some from EPEL, some from VirtualMin

… and all are in the 1.3.5 family

[root@vhost92-test ~]# yum --showduplicates list proftpd
Loaded plugins: changelog, product-id, search-disabled-repos
Installed Packages
proftpd.x86_64                  1.3.5e-10.el7             @epel
Available Packages
proftpd.x86_64                  1.3.5d-2.el7              virtualmin
proftpd.x86_64                  1.3.5e-2.el7              virtualmin
proftpd.x86_64                  1.3.5e-10.el7             epel

should I be concerned at all ? That is, does the VirtualMin environment, similar to httpd, need a special tweaked version of Proftpd ? Or, a specific version or range of releases so the VirtualMin GUI knows how to handle it ?

AND … if a special version is needed, can proftpd in VirtualMin get a bump/upgrade ?

Of course its possible I have made my own errors by possibly installing Proftpd outside the VirtualMin environ, perhaps even before I installed VM at all :smiley:


The ProFTPd version we provide is identical the one from EPEL. It is safe to interchange them.

The Apache package won’t let you “upgrade” to the wrong one without some hoop-jumping. ProFTPd is not like that, so it has no such protections.

ok, thanks for the quick reply.

What about the future … I see at proftpd.org they have both a 1.3.6 tree and a 1.3.7 tree … and I can only assume they come with brand new configuration options :smiley:

I must say however, in looking at the internal changelog inside the RPM, I am happy to see the 1.3.5e tree is (still) getting updates from various contributors !!


There is no “future” for CentOS 7. Versions are locked in when the distro goes gold, and those versions never change (EPEL isn’t quite as strict about this, but I don’t expect it to change ProFTPd).

You should never expect a new version to show up for any CentOS version, without taking an explicit action to make a new version show up. This is a feature, not a bug.

so … I’m on my own, perhaps even being reckless, to find a 1.3.7a RPM built for Centos7 (or in my case, RHEL7) and install it by hand ?

I take it the mainstream supported path is to move to COS8/RH8 ?

if I make that v8 O/S upgrade, and I do get a newer tree of Proftpd releases, is VirtualMin ready for it ?


Why would you do that? FTP is not a rapidly moving protocol. I can’t imagine there are new features you’d urgently need in newer ProFTPd versions.

sorry I did not fully describe my issues … I am working on configuring sftp (on a non-standard port) using proftpd.

and had some speedbumps along the way … right now I am 99 percent happy, with just a log message from PAM in /var/log/secure upon exiting … I think from the session teardown (which I am leaning towards being cosmetic and something I will just have to live with).

and with the newer .d folder structure to hold local mods seemingly only in the newer versions, as well as the above cosmetic error, led me to look for ways to use the newer proftpd software trees in order to see if they could help in any way.

But again, I am 99 percent happy with what I have so far, so am very close to announcing it to my webhosting clients for their usage.


That’s not version dependent. At least not any recent version.

To be clear: The version you have already has an Include directive.

in regards to INCLUDE, I must have messed up my system at some time in the past as I can’t find any include directives … perhaps if I get some spare time, I will totally uninstall proftpd and re-install it … or just enhance it by hand :smiley:

is there a CLOSE button, or will this topic close automatically … I think I have learned all I need to know … THANKS again for the quick responses and your insight !!


The CentOS packages do no use Include directives (reinstalling will do nothing useful). But, if you want to use them, you can.

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