Which PHP Type do you prefer

Which of the 3 PHP methods do you give to your customers?
Are you sing php as module or fastcgi or cgi wrapper (what exactly is the difference between those two anyways ? :slight_smile: )

On our non virtualmin servers we use suphp which is not available in virtualmin (eventually for a good reason) and i feel that mod_php has some security issues on a shared webhosting server. So for now we go with fastcgi.

Feel free to let me know why you decided on the php you use.


Yeah, most people use FCGID (FastCGI), I believe… or at least, that’s what we tend to recommend :slight_smile:

As you mentioned, mod_php doesn’t work with suexec, and suexec is a nice security bonus in a shared hosting server.

CGI works fine, but is slower than the other options.