Which FQDN for new installation?


I have setup Virtualmin on my server at home, but the installation guide is missing a few key elements.

What should I enter as host name?

So far I have been running 3 sites with web and mail on my macOS 5.5 server but want to move it.

I guess one of the domains have to be the “master” and then I add the rest after the setup?

I’m also using external dns (I have never messed with the dns on my macOS box) does that have any impact on the system?

Any FQDN which is a sub-domain - e.g. vps.domain.tld

There is no master or any such analogy. Virtualmin can be used to create three independent virtual servers for your three domains.

No, let the Virtualmin automated install script install BIND (the DNS server) as usual, you don’t need to use it if you wish to use a third party DNS service.

Thank you for your answer :slight_smile:
I just tried ISPConfig, but that was just awful :smiley:

There I had to choose one as the “master” domain, and when implementing LetsEncrypt, all domains were in the same certificate, not very GDPR friendly :slight_smile:

Btw., when creating a vps, it creates the webmaster, abuse, etc. email aliases. Is there a way to actively use those? ie. sending mail from them? or do I have to remove the aliases and then create a standard mailbox?

There is a way to actively use these. But discussing that takes us off topic from "
Which FQDN for new installation?". Could you create a new topic for this question please?

Yeah Sure.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

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