Where oh Where?

Do I get virtualmin?? I’ve been unable to locate it. Also the links in the FAQ are broken.

Mucho Gracias

Yes, it would be wonderful to have some idea about how things are going, what the pricing structure will be, what help might be needed, and of course the ever ellusive release date!

I have been installing and configuring the GPL Webmin, Virtualmin, Usermin trio on RHEL3 for the last week. There is a great deal to reseach to do for someone not real familliar with Liunux.

The description of the Virtualmin Toolbox is most tantalizing … Are there plans to make pre-release copies available to paid users?

Hey, money is being ‘left on the table’ here … Ok I’ll quit pestering/panting.

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VirtualminPro will come out soon. Nevertheless you may try the the GPL licenced free Virtualmin, which can be downloaded at http://www.webmin.com/ or http://webmin.mamemu.de/.

We are in the process of building up this webpage so mainly it is being used in finding bugs like "also the links in the FAQ are broken" and in building the first VirtualminPro-Version which can be purchased here on this platform.

Good questions, and I’m very happy to hear folks are anxious to try out the new version–Jamie has really done an amazing job with it, and I think folks are really going to be blown away by how much better Virtualmin has gotten in the past four months since the last release (I’ve also written a copious amount of much-needed documentation during this time).

We expected to have product up for sale a couple of weeks ago–but things always take longer than expected. The good news is that I have gotten the cart portion of the website working correctly this past week, and now I’m integrating it with the issuance of a serial number and software repository key.

So, here’s where things stand:

I’ll be making the shopping cart available sometime next week–I think I’m two or three full days from having it completed. I will say that pricing will be very competitive with the current leader in the field (who shall remain unnamed, but I think we all know who the 800 lb. gorilla is in this market), and even better, the price will include the really amazing script installer that Jamie has designed. As you may know, this feature costs extra from the gorilla. There will also be a very low-cost ($149) option for folks with less than ten domains, so variable pricing will hopefully address the application developer market in addition to the large-scale mass-hosting market. There will be an early adopters discount issued to everyone with an account by the date the cart goes live, as a show of appreciation for your early involvement and for your patience in using the first version of the Professional product–there will probably be a few issues with the documentation, the installer, and maybe some sharp corners in the software itself (though all of the software is built on a very mature base, a lot of the new features have only seen internal and limited beta release testing).

I will add a link to the download page for the GPL Virtualmin today. I don’t know why I didn’t think of that sooner. I’ll also check up on the FAQ to fix any broken links. It’s not as fancy as Virtualmin Professional, but it’s still the finest Open Source virtual host administration tool in existence.

Now, I’m back to work on the installer. Once it’s done, a lot of other pieces can fall into place more rapidly.

Thanks Joe,

That was very helpful!

I wish y’all the best of success in getting things smoothed out and up and delivering, of course I do :wink:

I have just dived (fallen really) into DNS setup with Virtualmin GPL … Really can’t wait for the pro version, I’m being nice ;-).


Feel free to start a new thread about any problems you’re having with the free version. We’re busy, but not too busy to answer questions (and seeing what folks have trouble with will help us insure those problems get solved automatically by the installation process).