Where is upgrade to Pro link?

I’ve finally got around to playing with Virtualmin GPL and have been very impressed with the ease of setup and my site is now “running”

I’m finding the user interface a bit overwhelming, menu options everywhere. I will probably move the ones I think I need regularly into a group I can find easily. (If I can find the link to do that?)

One link I’ve seen acouple of time, but darned if I can find it now - is the link to upgrade to “pro” - can someone tell me where it is?

Can I suggest you move this link to the top of the menu options for both Virtualmin and Webmin - because I’m still figuring out which is which! (Having it more visible might lead to more conversions ?)

Also, can I suggest you add a search box to the top of the menus - ala cpanel - so I can find things a bit more easily?


There is an option to upgrade to Virtualmin Pro under the “System Settings” menu option.

Thanks for all your suggestions, we’ll talk them over!


A search or maybe an activity history sort of like a bookmark system you can go to and sift through all your previous navigation’s

I too am considering the pro purchase, but was wondering what the additional benefits are, better support and or feature?.