Where is the syslog mentioned in my Disk Quota?

Okay. So. My “Disk Quota” section (Webmin>>System>>Disk Quotas) says that 14.4GB are being used by the syslog, but I can’t seem to find that file anywhere. Any suggestions? I’ve already checked /var/log

I’m stumped. Is there any way to find the path to the ‘syslog’ that’s referred to?


What output does this command produce:

du -sh /var/log

That will show the total disk usage used by your various log files.


Thanks for the advice! I had actually already tried that, but to no avail. I had already cleared out some larger log files from that folder earlier in the day.

But then I realized that this quota must be cached–because I clicked ‘check quotas’, it did a rescan, and voilà, it now showed a syslog of only 900k.

So I guess it caches those numbers for a while rather than reading it every time you load the Disk Quota module.