Where is the FTP for the Domain

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When I create a website and give it a domain name, the ftp part of it does not create when I check the little check box for creation it tells me there is already and ftp for that ip, So I go to that domain and I try to create an ftp user and point it to the path /home/username/public_html but it gives me the following error: That the website directory has to be the same as the domain or something to that nature.

My question is do I have to give every site an ip in order to get ftp working if so that is the worst crock of crap I have ever seen. I should be able to create a virtual FTP with out using an ip for every domain (name based FTP). Now the reason I am asking is I am using a third party installer script and it uses remote ftp to instal lthe scripts,

So can someone please help me figure this out?


No, that bit is a little misleading. You don’t need the virtual FTP feature to use FTP on a domain. That feature is only required if you need a separate set of ftp options on a separate IP for that domain.

Okay that’s fine, but how do I get the ftp to work for the domain it’s not working and I am not getting errors in the syslog or the messages log files at all.

Not sure what to do here, I will keep researching.


Okay, sure! Can you please reiterate what exactly you’re trying to do, and what problem exactly you’re seeing?

A hint: the virtual server owner account will, when you assign him a proper login shell, automatically get FTP access to the full website.

Hello Locutus,

I just looked for what you were talking about and i am not seeing anything according to account login shell. I am trying to create a website for a user to use for his blog. I am using a third party installer. It is using a remote install method via FTP. When I create the website, it appears that the FTP is not created or working. So I go and try to force it to create. when I do that it says I have to use Virtual FTP which also wants a new ip address. I have looked through Allowed virtual server features and Allowed Capabilities and there is nothing there pertaining to login shell.

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You don’t need to “create” the FTP… When you create a new website, the administrative user (the one that gets created with the site) automatically has FTP access. Virtualmin uses the system-wide ProFTPD (make sure it’s running, on the System Information page).

The login shell you configure under “Administration Options / Edit Owner Limits / Other restrictions” (yeah, it’s quite well hidden there!). You need to choose a shell that allows FTP, which should be the default. If there is none, you can create one under “System Customization / Custom Shells”.

If you need additional users with FTP access, create them under “Edit Users / Add a website FTP access user”.

Hello Locutus,

  Thank you for your quick response. I apologize for the stupid question but this thing has been driving me nuts for a week now. I need to study the software more i don't know why i missed that. 

Okay I see what you are talking about, There is a default one, Thank you very much.

You are awesome I do appreciate your help, being a new customer I was getting frustrated the I paid and couldn’t get this to work.

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