Where is stored Webmin/Virtualmin configuration?

I faced an unpleasant event on a server in production and I had to install the whole system from scratch.

Over time I made custom settings in both Webmin and Virtualmin, but I never saved the configuration from the interface. I have a recent backup and I would like to restore all the settings as I set them up before.


  1. Can anyone tell me where the settings made by the administrator for both Webmin and Virtualmin are stored?

  2. If I make a copy over the existing ones can problems occur?

Thank you.

/etc/webmin, mostly.

If IP addresses are different, hostnames are different, or other low-level system changes have happened (passwords changed for databases for instance), you’ll run into some minor issues.

We recommend that people do keep a separate backup of all of /etc, in addition to regular full-system and Virtualmin domain backups. It’s just a cheap way to know you can always recover quickly, no matter how much recovery you need to do. etckeeper is also a very valuable tool to use (Virtualmin installer installs it and it starts automatically on Debian/Ubuntu, but I think it has to be enabled manually for CentOS).

Thank you Joe.

As I checked the best solution for the future to avoid this issue should be backing up all configuration files from Webmin interface:

I agree to keep always a copy of the /etc directory as a backup. I was able in the past to fine tune some services I forgot about. By making a comparison between old and new I found the differences and put them on paper.


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