where is my ssl private key?


I set up a certificate with a CA and uploaded it to one of my virtual servers (a.k.a. secure.website.com). This seems to be working fine, but I noted that virtualmin doesn’t use the same cert.

I’ve noted that there are SSL settings in Webmin -> Webmin Configuration -> SSL Encryption. I presume this is where I’d add the cert info, to make virtualmin use the signed cert, right?

I have the public key portion from the CA, but I didn’t write down the private portion generated by the certificate request. Is that on the server somewhere that I can retrieve it?

I was able to shore up the problem by manually copying my ssl.cert and ssl.key files from the domain directory (home/users/secure/domains/secure.website.com/ssl.) into the usermin and webmin certs: /etc/usermin/miniserv. and /etc/webmin/miniserv.*

But this hardly seems like the ideal solution :frowning:

Additionally, it doesn’t work for SSL encrypted mail (under webmin->dovecot->ssl encryption). If I try and copy to those the mail client just sort of hangs and times out.