where is my spam???

this might seem dumb but… where is my spam? I have installed the spam and anti-virus scripts and all seemed to go ok. All my domains have the option available and is selected. However, from what I can see - it is supposed to put spam in the /Maildir/.spam directory. I can’t see this happening - there is no directory being created or anything. So, how can I check that :

  1. Spam Filtering is working
  2. Virus Filtering is working
  3. That the directories are being created (when they are not there… yes, I used ls -a)
    .4 How do uses retrieve their ‘spam’ given 1.2 & 3 above are ok. ??
    I log onto their account through webmail (round cube mail) and it just shows ‘junk’ folder - but nothing in it?
    Anyone ??