Where is ~/mail/virus ?

I have a user trying to send an email with an attachment to other users. But it doesn’t get delivered and no bounce messages come back to her.

I’m wondering if it’s getting tagged as a virus and deleted. So I reset the virus scanning to dump virus mail in ~/mail/virus instead of just deleting it. Then had her resend it, so I could check ~/mail/virus and see if that’s where it’s ending up.

Only problem, I don’t know where to find ~/mail/virus. What is the whole path for that?

Thanks, Chris

The ~ character implies one’s home directory – so if the users home directory is /home/USER, the path you specified would be in /home/USER/mail/virus.

However, email users are usually within /home/VIRT_SERVER_OWNER/homes/USER/, so you may need to look in /home/VIRT_SERVER_OWNER/homes/USER/mail/virus.

But, you might also have some luck looking at the procmail log – it tells you where it puts things whenever it receives an email. It’s located in /var/log/procmail.log.

Thanks Eric, used the procmail log as suggested. I see this:

Dest:/dev/null Mode:Spam

But I have:

Always allow mail from mailboxes in domain?

checked as ‘yes’ for that virtual server, so an email from one user to another on that domain shouldn’t be flagged as spam, correct?