Where does Virtualmin pull it's database list from for a vhost/user?

Funny topic maybe. I have a app and database I’m moving over from Plesk to Virtualmin. My database has some uppercase letters in it. When you create a database through Virtualmin it looks like it forces lowercase automatically.

So before I try to change the app to use a different database, I took the easy way out and created the database myself via mysql. The problem is after I set this up, the database does not show up in the list of database for the user in Virtualmin. Is there some Virtualmin database table that I need to add this in or some file?

I did these commands to set up the database:
create database myName;
grant all on myName to ‘user’@'localhost identified by ‘password’;
(where user and password is the same user and pass as the vhost user)

My database is working great and the app is working great, I’m just being picky that it doesn’t show up in the list.

It does show up great in phpmyadmin when I log on as the vhost user.


Well, lemme talk to Jamie – as Joe would say, that behavior sounds a bit bug-like :slight_smile:

Lemme make sure that can’t be resolved before we dig too deep into manually modifying the files… though if you are really eager to move on that, I believe the files the database names are stored in are both:

  1. /etc/webmin/mysql/USERNAME.acl

  2. /etc/webmin/virtual-server/domains/DOMAIN_NAME_ID

Thanks, I’ll take a look at those this evening and see what’s in there.

If at the time Virtualmin creates a database it updates those files with the information then me manually creating one surely wouldn’t get them updated. What were you thinking sounded bug like, the changing of the db name to lowercase?

I dunno if it’s a bug or not, but if during the data import, it breaks your web-apps, that’s not particularly desirable :slight_smile:

I asked Jamie about that, it’s possible that’s necessary for some reason, but we’ll see.


I didn’t try a data import. In my first attempt I used the Vritualmin “create database” to create the database and then imported my sql dump from the command line. It’s too big to import through phpmyadmin so I assumed it would be too big through Virtualmin too. The only thing it did was lowercase my database name.

Aha! Sounds like I read things too fast (again).

If size of the backup is your only concern there – I might suggest giving the migration a shot. I’ve personally done imports of backups that were many gigabytes.

However, there’s also the option to perform the migration using the command line tools.

If you run “virtualmin migrate-domain”, you can see a list of options there… that might be a simpler way of going about what you’re doing there.


Hey it works GREAT! I had no idea that the “Import Database” was to bring an existing database in. I thought that was to “Import” my sql dump into the database, which probably would be impossible.

I imported my non-lowercase database right in, and there it is in my vhost users list. Perfect!



I know this is old but I have a question, I just used the migration method to move my sites to a new server, however i noticed that any dbs that are not under a virtual server are not backed up, how can get those as well? it would be nice to get all the dbs and move them over I am trying to create a cluster type scenario to where sites and dbs are moved around so they would be available as well as the sites.