where do I find DNS ZONE FILES?

Hi Folks,

I’m a member of project HONEYPOT, and more recently CLOUDFLARE, which are aimed at stopping potential internet abuse, spammers, etc. CLOUDFLARE signup requires info from a DNS ZONE file, they were’nt clear whether this was registrar or host level; assuming it’s host level.

can anyone tell me where I can find such a thing on VM?




If you’re using Virtualmin, you can access a lot of the DNS information for a given domain by choosing the domain in question from the drop-down on the top-left, and choosing Services -> DNS Domain.

If that doesn’t have what you want, you can also find the files on the filesystem… on Debian/Ubuntu, it’s in /etc/bind. On CentOS, that’s in /var/named/chroot/var/named/data.