Where can I view/edit mail quotas?


I’m new and quite confused, and a site search hasn’t helped me much. :slight_smile: I want to view user mailbox quotas to make sure they are correct, and also be able to edit them if necessary.

When I click on a user in the Edit User menu, I can’t find any option related to the actual mailbox disk quota. So far, the only place I’ve found an entry for mail quotas is in the template. I’ve edited it there and used it to create some virtual servers, but I’d like to be able to see what the actual user mail quotes are, and hopefully change them on a per-user basis.

Also, when creating new templates, where does one set the total disk quota? I can’t find an entry for that, just the entry for mail quotas.

Thanks for any tips!


To edit a user’s email quota, you should be able to go into Edit Users -> USERNAME -> Quota and home directory settings, and there, you can set “Home directory quota”.

Is that option there for you?

The total disk quota is actually part of the Account Plan. In System Settings -> Account Plans -> Basic plan details are a few different quota options for your domains.


Hi Eric. What about Mailbox quotas, the OP mentioned that, but in Edit Users it only shows"Home directory quota" as you mentioned. Thanks


There aren’t any mailbox quotas setup by default. Virtualmin uses the Linux disk quotas for handling mailbox size limits.

If you wish to add those though, Postfix would allow you to – you could set “postconf mailbox_size_limit” in your Postfix main.cf file.


So does that mean by default I would allocate say 1Gb to a server, and the total of all users mailbox sizes and files could not exceed 1Gb? All user totals added up? Thats not too bad I suppose if thats correct.

About mailbox_size_limit… seems there is just one setting? So I cannot give different size accounts to different people? Seems a bit of a limitation as having mailbox quotas is what most mail providers do.


That’s correct regarding the mailbox_size_limit. The recommended way to set quotas for email users is to use the filesystem quotas that Virtualmin configures.

Regarding how the Virtualmin email quotas work – there are two quotas.

One is a per-account quota, and the second is a total Virtual Server quota. Neither quota can be exceeded.


“per-account” - is that per email account? Thats what I am trying to set but dont know where. If its not email account, what account is it? Am sure thats the last question, thanks a lot!


Per-domain quotas are set in Edit Virtual Server -> Quotas and Limits.

Per-account quotas (email account) are set in Edit Users -> USERNAME -> Quota and home directory settings.


Ok, I tell what is confusing… the “Quota and home directory settings” just says “Home directory”, so I assume this is a file based quota, which therefore would exclude mail?

OR is the home directory inclusive of mail? Therefore setting a quote here would also limit the mail quota AND files together?

Actually, there is not even a place to add a quota here, it only says this:
Home directory: Automatic /Subdirectory of server’s home

So this is why its confusing, there is no where to actually set any kind of quota per user.



If you’re looking at an email user (not a Virtual Server owner, and not an FTP-only user), you should see a “Home directory quota” option in that section.

Email is stored within the user’s home directory, so the filesystem quotas apply to email as well.


Hi Eric

No I don’t have “Home directory quota”, thats the issue. This is why I asked the above, I cant see any quota per user field.

For info, in Webmin -> System -> Disk Quotas, I could not enable quotas. Clicking enable nothing happened. It seems common on some virtual setup (I am with Linode). Following some guides online I symbolic linked /dev/root to /dev/xvda and then I could enable quotas. So quotas on the disk is enabled, but its not showing in Users.

In Disk Quotas I can search for a user and set a quota in there, but thats a bit long winded to be honest and I cant see what people have in a list.