Where are my MySQL & phpadmin menu items

I installed phpmyadmin from the command line (could not find an option to install it from webmin), and then I added the phpadmin module to usermin from webmin. I am supposed to be seeing two items in my usermin menu: MySQL and MYSQL (phpadmin), but I don’t see either. Are there submenus I’m supposed to be looking at? I am new a newbie to usermin,virtuamin and webmin.

It’s possible that you did not activate the modules for Usermin users to see… Take a look at Webmin ->
Usermin Configuration -> Available Modules
and -> Module Restrictions.

No, phpmyadmin is selected. Are you aware of any place where I can see some screenshots of what the menus are supposed to look like?

i’m attaching a screen shot

Well, your screenshot is from the Virtualmin page of the side-frame… Does the missing menu item appear in the Usermin page (click the link on top of the frame)?

I’m glad I sent the image. Your suggestion did solve the problem. I did not know that I needed to click on this top level menu item, and I thought I was actually in “usermin”. Phymyadmin is working now, but for some reason, it thinks that I have no root password for MySQl (I already set that). I’ll work on that next.

will that enable phpmyadmin for all users?
How did you install phpmyadmin from the command line?


Virtualmin Pro users have the option of installing phpMyAdmin using the Install Scripts option in the Virtualmin GUI.

The Install Scripts are a Pro-only feature though… to install phpMyadmin from the command line, you can follow the installation instructions on the phpMyAdmin website: