when viewing php or index file, browser ask to save!

Well, it’s often immediate… so if it’s not immediate, it’s hard to say, it depends on what the problem is.

What payment type did you use?


Hi Eric,
I know it should be immediate as its paypal that i used!! I have checked and it still says pending. Can you please look into this as this has been 12hrs now and funds there ok for payment, so the hold up must be at your end…

I never got a paypal payment statment I only got an email from you guys saying I had ordered it and used paypal to pay. Do you want me to try again or can you not issue a licence seial number untill payment comes through??? as if I am not happy with the software you will be refunding me with in nthe 45days??.

Please advise asap please as getting fedup waiting now :frowning:

Hi I have seen why this is taking so long!!! I have used the wrong PayPal account PLEASE CANCELL Order 3283…

I will re-order with the correct account… SORRY…


Unfortunately, I don’t have the ability to check or cancel orders, Joe will need to do that.

What you’ll want to do is file a request using the Support link at the top of the site, and in there, mention that you used the wrong Paypal account and would like to cancel order #3283.


Hi Thanks,
I have emailed Joe direct to deal with this…

can you please advise me were php.ini file is located
also Apatche exe file please.

need detail to install Zend engine


When you click the “Support” button above, see where it says “Step #2”? That contains a link labeled “bugs and issues tracker”. Click that and you can file a support request.

As far as where the php.ini file goes – each Virtual Server has an individual php.ini. It’s located in $HOME/etc/php.ini.

For example, if your username is “foo”, the php.ini for that user would be located in “/home/foo/etc/php.ini”.


Hi thanks will do that aswell just to be sure it has been dealt with!!

thanks I think I understand now :slight_smile:

but were is Apatche stored??


but were is Apatche stored??

That’s a trick question :slight_smile:

Apache is made up of hundreds of files all across the filesystem… so it’s difficult to say “Apache is stored here”.

So, rather than answering that, I’ll ask you a question… what problem are you trying to solve? :slight_smile: If you explain what exactly you’re trying to do, I may be of more assistance.


On Ubuntu, the full path to the Apache control utility is:


HI Eric,
this is what I have to get running http://www.linuxweblog.com/blogs/manoj/20080624/zend-optimizer-installation-ubuntu

you have some ref to it here https://www.virtualmin.com/documentation/webdev/php

but me I need a step by step :frowning:

also it keeps asking for the installation location of apache executable.
the full path to the apatche binary (httpd)


it keeps asking for the installation location of apache executable. the full path to the apatche binary (httpd)

That’s located here:


HUM keeps saying that the directory/file does not exist???

can you not try and install this so that you can see what Im up against??? :slight_smile:

Well, I’m not really familiar with the installation of Zend, so it’s difficult to know what exactly is going wrong…

However, on Ubuntu, the Apache executable is “/usr/sbin/apache2” by default.

At what point is it saying no such file or directory? Which question had you just answered?


Hi Eric,

It was me not typing correctly been at this all day looking at the web and tring di things but nothing is working…

I did get it to install but website still saying its not installed…???

will try again tomorrow ZZZZZzzzzzzzz

thansk for your replys…