when turning up an ssl site, "missing or invalid mail usename prefix"


I have created a regular website that I then realized needed to be an ssl-only site. I went to edit the virtual server and opened “enabled features”. When I select “ssl website enabled” and click save, I get the message “Failed to modify server : Missing or invalid mail username prefix”.

I am not hosting email with this server, nor can I find where to modify said prefix as an old post suggested.

I would be happy to post a bug report as needed, but I thought I would ping you guys first on the forums.

Thanks in advance!



Hmm, that’s an odd issue! Which features are currently enabled for that domain? I’d like to see if I can reproduce that problem.

Also, is this domain a top-level Virtual Server, or a Sub-Server?


Hmm: This is PARTly resolved, in that I deleted and re-built the site with ssl-enabled from the start.

Having said that, I will go back and try it again as i described to make sure I wasn’t half-asleep or something.

This was a top level server.