When one domain is being hit, another is loaded

Hello all,

I just removed some virtual hosts and restored them from backup. I noticed that no matter what domain from the following i hit:


always my hit gets instantly redirected to domain kidsclubpaidika.grinstead.

Why is this happening? I use Webmin/virtualmin btw.
here is my relevant httpd.conf https://pastebin.com/vzwbzTh8

There’s a FAQ about this: https://www.virtualmin.com/documentation/web/troubleshooting#toc-the-wrong-site-shows-up-V5JtxdKg

The next version of Virtualmin will make it harder to end up with this misconfiguration (currently, if it detects even one domain configured with *:80, it will make all new domains with *:80…but, it’s usually just wrong…the one configured that way is probably a mistake, or the “default” site being accidentally or intentionally, but incorrectly, re-enabled).

So, to avoid it, don’t try to mix and match *:80 and IP:80 configurations. The way Apache decides what to display in such a case is utterly unintuitive, so you’re always gonna get it wrong.