when logged in to webmin>admin, all bandwidth appears to be allocated to whichever virtualmin>virtual server is active.

when i am logged into webmin/virtualmin as the main administrator, are all of the updates and data transfer bandwidth being allocated to whichever virtual server is active in virtualmin?

When i first log into virtualmin, this is almost always the first one in the list…which also happens to have a website on it.

for example, the first virtual server in my list over the last few days has used 180% of its bandwidth allocation because of this bloody stuffing around trying to sort out issues i am having with things like ioncube, box billing, and blesta. The thing is, I havent even done anything to this virtual server…its currently running a website which i have made no changes too (it doesnt use anything to do with boxbilling, ioncube, blesta etc)

how do i ensure that any bandwidth being used by my server admin is ONLY attributed to me …and doesnt reflect on client virtual servers unless I am specifically working on their webhosting account?

Is there a way that i can figure out where this bandwidth is going? (ie …is it my administrator account doing this, or someone attacking the website on it? site seems to be running fine btw)

This is still not resolved and I think a bug in virtualmin.
Anyone can try this to see…log into virtualmin as webmin admin.

Upload files through virtualmin file manager and you will see the quota, for whichever virtual server is default(for me it’s first virtual server in list), increasing even though you are copying files to the webserver itself (not the virtual server directory)

Mine has now increased the quota usage on first virtual server in list to over 4 GB when website/virtual server has barely been used.