When I changing 2 domain names via virtualmin, I can no longer access the webmin environment as root! + Webmin login fail

I used the feature:
Virtualmin> Server Configuration

Change Domain Name <
And I renamed two virtualservers, and during the process I received the error:

Updating protected web directories …
… d to open /home/newdomainname/public_html/stats/.htaccess for writing: Permission denied at …/web-lib-funcs.pl line 1427.

fui até esse arquivo:

vim /usr/share/webmin/web-lib-funcs.pl
e na linhas 1427 tenho isso:

print STDERR "File: $stack[1] Line: $stack[2] ", "Function: $stack[3]\n"; } } 1427 die @_; } elsif (!$ENV{'REQUEST_METHOD'}) { # Show text-only error print STDERR "$text{'error'}\n";

Then at the end of the processes, I clicked on one of the virtualserver, the screen / page reloaded, the left side menu reduced in size as if I had logged into the account of this virutalserver, but it was root, since then the only virtual server I see in this my Server is one of these 2 domains, another 8 virtual servers are without virtualmin/ webmin access/adminstration. It does not matter if I login with root user, but I always enter the dasboard of a single domain! And of course, if logged in simple virtualserver, I can do nothing about the administration of others, or something significant to get back to normal.

This could be a Virtualmin/Webmin bug. Regardless if you have Pro or GPL, maybe you should post in Issues and see what Vmin devs have to say.