Whats the username and password after an install?

I posted this to the incorrect forum…i really meant to post it in the virtualmin portion of the forum…is there a way to put it there

OS: Ubuntu 8.04

Just installed this virutalmin thing, and watched the video. They logged in with a root username, but did not say what the password after the install was.

I realise that i can get in with the main ubuntu user (the first user created when you install ubuntu)

Is this user the big cuhuna of the whole system aka the master administator?

Or should i be logging in with a root username.

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Ubuntu is a little different than other distros, in that they disable the "root" user by default, and instead have you use a normal user with "sudo" access.

I recall reading something about Virtualmin being able to use sudo to determine permissions, but I really don’t recall the details on that :slight_smile:

I guess the question is – when you log in as the main Ubuntu user, do you have full permissions? Can you create Virtual Servers, modify Server Templates and Features and Plugins (within the System Settings menu), and the like?

If so, then yes, you’re a master admin and root doesn’t matter.

If not, you could always set a password for the root user, then log in as them – just remember that Ubuntu disables that in the hopes of improving security :slight_smile:

I’ve not actually created a server as yet, but it looks like i can if i were to follow thru.

I can edit and create account plans, and make changes to the config options i see present in the web interface.

Yup, you can change the plans after you create them.

lol…no…i was answering your previous question…as in …yes logged in as the main ubuntu user (not the root user) I can make configuration changes. So I take that to mean that virutalmin has compensated for the way ubuntu handles the root user.

Oops, sorry, I’m madly trying to catch up with all the posts made on the forum here, and sometimes I just end up going too quickly :slight_smile:

That’s great though, as it means you don’t need to enable root (or otherwise change anything!).

Have a good one :slight_smile: