What's the command in terminal to see the login IP and port info for Virtualmin on Ubuntu 20.04?

Think there are multiple issues here. It’s a VM with virtual IP, which means host must/should have static internal IP, bridged network/ static route and dns forwarded to VM. I read that host.domain:10000 could reach panel so above must be working. It’s the virtual ip that is jumping and needs to be set static and not dhcp. With the ports enabled and firewall checked, public ip should be reached.

The IP address has stayed the same for the entire logon though. Im on with Microsoft support right now, I have disabled the router fire wall the windows fire walls, I have port forwarded 80 10000 and tons of other ports. I have contacted my router tech support and tried to create an 80 tunnel on port 79. I have dmzed the server. I have bridged the connect in VM so I am super at a loss. I have no idea what else I can do.
My ISP is not blocking any ports. So I have done it all. Theres something blocking these ports. I even forwarded the ports in the ubuntu guest machine.

connecting to the link on my cell phone (MOBILE data not LOCAL) it says the same thing when trying to access the public link. ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED

What router do you have? How did you put the server in dmz.


This is a new problem. What your router and hosting providers do and how to configure them are unrelated to the subject in your title. Please open a new topic.

Can you move these chats to my other thread?

I don’t think so (it isn’t immediately obvious how, if it can be done). But, I can lock this thread so no more cross-talk happens.