What to use for DNS Zones on EC2 Instance?

Operating system:
Ubuntu 20.04.2 AWS EC@

I am at this section in the initial setup:

For DNS zones created by Virtualmin to be resolvable, the primary nameserver record for each zone must be set to something that can itself be resolved by other systems on the Internet.

I am hosting on an aws EC2 instance and I am not sure what to put in this field. I am under the assumption the IP changes every time the EC2 instance is restarted.

Should I get an elastic IP address and associate to this EC2 instance? And then put the Elastic IP address in the “Primary nameserver” field?

I plan on eventually attaching a domain name to the elastic IP if I am thinking this through correctly…

You may find using Route 53 if preferable. I don’t know what goes into running a DNS server on EC2 (probably possible, I think they only block SMTP ports), but Virtualmin supports Route 53 zones now.

But, yes, you probably should consider a permanent IP to be a bare minimum requirement for the network on a Virtualmin system. Not just for DNS service.

oo maybe I dont fully understand what this option is. If I am just setting up my own website do I need. DNS Zone?

If not do I just leave it blank?

How would I know? It’s up to you how you host your DNS. If you aren’t hosting your DNS on the Virtualmin server, you obviously don’t care about DNS features in Virtualmin (but you still need a fixed IP for a production server).

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