What can I do that wont step on Virtualmin install

In researching my question on mcrypt I realized that I don’t know what I can and can’t do manually with my system in regards to Virtualmin.

What should be avoided to prevent interfering with Virtualmin?

Can I use yum?

In other words I don’t see a way to install mcrypt through Virtualmin.

If I install it through a shell using
yum install php-mcrypt
Will that create problems with Virtualmin?

Then for the bigger picture. When CentOS 5 updates to 5.2 is there a way for me to update to that through Virtualmin or will I need to do it in the shell? If I do it through the shell how will I know if that will be safe for Virtualmin?

Is there a list of everything Virtualmin manages?

Is there list of what it doesn’t manage and how those things should be managed so as not to interfere with Virtualmin’s functionality?

actually you can by going to webmin-system-software packages-
then activate package from yum- click browse yum and in the pop-up search for php-mcrypt and it will show up, letting you install it.

webmin is what lets you control and manage your system
virtualmin is a webmins module to let you manage the virtualhosting part of that system<br><br>Post edited by: ronald, at: 2008/05/29 02:05

Ah HA! :slight_smile:

Thanks Ronald!

I had seen the Software Packages Module before but didn’t notice the Install from Yum.

… install complete. :slight_smile:

When I say Virtualmin I mean the whole Virtualmin/Webmin install as an entire entity like the company or the url ^^ up there :slight_smile:

Is there a better way for me to say that to differentiate between the whole thing and just the Virtual Hosting Virtualmin?