What are the methods for changing files in virtual servers?

Hello, I need help on this one. I would like to set up redis and then laravel support on it. Virtualmin however presents me with a quandry: ssh in and it says broken pipe, ftp in and I can’t do it outside of network, access files directly and I get a permission denied error. Are all of these methods broken for me? Are they supposed to be that way?

Virtualmin does not modify ssh configuration. It just creates users. If ssh is broken, it’s not because of Virtualmin.

FTP…are you logging in as the domain owner account? (Not a mail user within that domain, which may not have necessary permissions to modify web content.)

If you created files as root and then tried to modify them as a domain user, you probably won’t be able to. So, chown them to the domain owner user:group.

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