What are disadvantages of using worker over prefork?

Just had a server OOM on me, Apache was the culprit, server kept killing it.

Looking online websites suggest use worker as it uses less RAM, and is faster?

I just switched, all seems to be fine.

So I wanted to know if there are any disadvantages, other than not being able to use mod_php because I dont think we are (servers are created using FastCGI by default). My concern is, why is it not default if its better, are there issues with it?



Using the Worker mode is a good way to go, if you don’t need mod_php.

A lot of folks want the ability to use mod_php, or other modules that aren’t thread-safe, so the distro’s default of the Prefork mode is kept.

However, mod_php is the most common module that’s not thread safe – if you don’t need that, you should be good!


I dont know if I “need” mo_php though. We develop in PHP, have PHP based websites and CMSs. But they are working with FastCGI and not mod_php.

Why would one need mod_php if PHP systems work with FastCGI?

I read online SquirrelMail and PhpMyAdmin as a server wide system wont work, but am fine with that.

Just trying to understand if worker will be totally fine for us.