What about the 1.942-1 changelog?

Is there a changelog for 1.942-1? A few of my servers displayed the update, others didn’t - I updated the less critical ones…

Are there any CentOS 8.1 compatibility changes in place?

Yes, I think all of the changes are CentOS 8 compatibility-related. Plus a theme update. I haven’t rolled it to the Virtualmin repos yet, but will this weekend.

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But… I have received and installed a few updates yesterday, this Webmin version included… Are you saying that you didn’t release anything yet?

This is weird, the version “1.942-1” was a copy paste from “Update packages”. So what did I install??

The versions on one of those servers, panicked, so I posted from anther one, my bad - I edited the posts:

|**Webmin version**|1.942
|**Cloudmin version**|9.5 Pro|
|**Authentic theme version**|19.46|

Is this OK? Here is the log:

Feb 08 19:04:49 Updated: python2-future-0.18.2-2.el7.noarch
Feb 14 12:45:27 Updated: webmin-1.942-1.noarch
Feb 14 12:47:32 Updated: 2:wbm-server-manager-9.5-1.noarch
Feb 14 12:47:33 Updated: 2:wbm-cloudmin-services-2.0-1.noarch
Feb 14 12:47:34 Updated: 2:wbt-virtual-server-theme-9.4-1.noarch

Feb 07 16:20:30 Updated: 1:net-snmp-libs-5.7.2-43.el7_7.3.x86_64
Feb 07 16:20:45 Updated: binutils-2.27-41.base.el7_7.2.x86_64
Feb 07 16:20:45 Updated: 10:qemu-kvm-tools-1.5.3-167.el7_7.4.x86_64
Feb 08 19:05:25 Updated: python2-future-0.18.2-2.el7.noarch
Feb 14 21:08:08 Updated: webmin-1.942-1.noarch