Wget gets 403 Error

Operating system: Ubuntu 18

Unfortunately I get a 403 when running following:
sudo wget --adjust-extension --mirror --page-requisites --convert-links https://mywebsite.com

I am guessing there is secure feature in Virtualmin that disallows wget? Is there a way to get around this? Yes, can probably duplicate wp locally, but wget seems to be simpler solution, as I am going to convert it to static website anyway.

I am limited on server space, I have a wordpress website with nearly 1000 posts, pictures, etc, ~ 3.5 gigs worth of stuff going back almost 20 years. I want to convert it to a static website, so not the same as mysql or regular file back up. Since my vitualmin space is almost full, I decided to try use wget and httrack both are 403’d.

You’re doing it the hard way.

There’s a Wordpress plugin called “Simply Static”. Install it and it will convert the site to a static HTML site.

Your problem is going to be space. If you’re out of space completely then you’re going to have to find a way to create some or you’ll probably error out during the conversion as the site will have nowhere to go.

Hi Gomez, thanks so much… this is a really good answer, but unfortunately Simply Static (I think also tried another one called ‘Flatpress’) any many other plugins don’t work well on my site:

Main reason, my wordpress is a frankenstein of bespoke changes, subdirectories, customs scripts. Its horrible to maintain and doesn’t play nice with many plugins. Its not something I’m particulary proud of, but I am amazed that its been robust after all these years.

So with that in mind, downloading everything as static would actually be easiest, since all the pages are functional, but I don’t have space on the server to duplicate it (well, without forking out ongoing costs for a one time operation)

Another alternative is downloading from archive.org, I just have to see if it has all the pages.

Again - thanks for the response. Unfortunately, my solution likely requires not using wordpress for the solution!

Definitely not.

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