We're going to YAPC:NA!

Howdy all,

Jamie and I will be at this years YAPC (Yet Another Perl Conference) in Chicago on June 16-18. If anybodies going, be sure to look us up. We’ll have a new batch of T-shirts to give away, and we’ll be demoing the new product and new theme. I might even be able to talk Jamie into giving a lightning talk on Webmin modules or something (and it’ll be hard to prevent me from being a blow-hard on some topic or other).

We’re one of the sponsors of the event and so we’ll have a table during the short four hour mini-expo portion of the event–nothing fancy, just a couple of dudes, a couple of laptops, and a box of VM2 T-shirts (and maybe some free six month Virtualmin and VM2 licenses…one never knows how much the spirit of giving will overtake us).

If you’re a Perlmonger, the schedule looks pretty irresistible. Lots of Perl 6 talk, some Moose, plenty of web frameworks, and some cool master classes in the following two days by famous Perl mongers like brian d foy and jrockway, though I don’t think we’re going to be able to stay in town for those (but what a bargain–$200 for two-day classes that are usually much more expensive).

And, of course, if anybody is in Chicago those days, and wants to chat but doesn’t want to get too close to too many smelly nerds, I’ll try to find some time to run into you after hours. Just drop me an email at joe@virtualmin.com and we’ll work something out.