Weird error with logrotate after Vmin Pro backup restore

Hi, in a very uninspired move I imported the Virtualmin configuration backup in a new machine. Problem is the backup was done on a Pro licensed install, and restored on a GPL one…

So now everyday I get an Anacron email:

error: virtualmin.conf:24 unexpected }
error: found error in file virtualmin.conf, skipping

What does it mean and how can I get rid of it? I can’t seem to find a file named virtualmin.conf to take a look at line 24, can someone pls provide a path for CentOS 7? Would hate not to know what is skiping exactly :slight_smile:


The files are there (you need logrotate one)


Ah, yes. So what is wrong with like line 24, the section is just like the rest of the others:

systemctl reload httpd.service ; sleep 5

Can we get back to this, as I don’t understand what it is about and how to solve it?

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