Weird error locking up virtual server

I have a hosting account that runs Virtualmin 3.86 (supplied by hosting co.)
I recently created a new mail account entitled in a virtual server.

Now I get the following message whenever I try to “Edit Mail and FTP Users” or “Delete Virtual Server”,

Quota command /usr/local/serverco/bin/vmin-quota-user 72horas-mydomain failed :

Is it simply that I shouldn’t have created a user that begins with a number? Or is it more complicated?




Well, that file " /usr/local/serverco/bin/vmin-quota-user" isn’t a normal Virtualmin command… however, can you verify that it exists on your server? You can do that by running this:

ls -l /usr/local/serverco/bin/vmin-quota-user

It should be okay to have a user that starts with a number though.


Hi Eric,

Thanks for your help

Running that command in the shell gives me

> ls -l /usr/local/joyent/bin/vmin-quota-user
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 10 Mar 25 2011 /usr/local/joyent/bin/vmin-quota-user -> vmin-quota

Curiously, that “Quota command” error message comes with a “Return to previous page” link.
Clicking on that link gives me a second copy of the Virtualmin menu (


Yeah, I’m unfortunately not sure how that setup is meant to work… if you were to install Virtualmin from scratch, you’d end up with a lot of new files, but none of them would be named “vmin-quota” or “vmin-quota-user”.

You may need to talk with the folks at your ISP to make sure things are working as expected, as it sounds like they may have some customization that they added in there.


Thanks for your help, Eric.