Website redirects to different domain

OS type and version Ubuntu 20.04.4
Virtualmin version 7.1-1


I am trying to transfer my websites from my old plesk server manually.

I made it through all of my accounts without any issues but now there is site that I face a strange issue.

When I use an empty .html file the site seems to work fine. When I am uploading the contents of the wordpress it says error on the database connection and when I correct and upload the database it suddenly redirects to another of my websites which has a static content.

Could you please assist me on this?

You may want to search through the files or through the dump of your database file (in case of WordPress) for the matches of the domain where you’re getting redirected, like:

grep -R old-dom /backups/

WordPress database has a table called wp_options and siteurl and home keys. Fix those.

there are no mistakes on the database. There should be an issue with the DNS and the virtualmin networking.

I am using cloudflare for all of the domains and I point each domain to the server IP. All the sites are working except this one. Its a real headache

Also if I delete the website that my domain is landing, the redirects is being on a different domain on the server.

Are domain names on old Plesk server and new Virtualmin server are the same (which host WordPress)?

Double check your SSL for that site. If it’s off, that will happen. As a test, set your Cloudflare SSL to “flexible” not Full or Full Strict and see if the site works. If it does, then you have a certificate problem.

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