Website Redirect to Internal Server


Not sure if this is the correct forum but I have virtualmin installed and want to be able to do some redirection with other in house servers.

Im pretty new to this…

I have 4 internal servers, currently hosting websites of various different vendors, Id like to be able to have a single proxy type server that redirects requests through to the correct internal server without . having to publish a whole bunch of different ports etc.

for example redirects to port 80, 443 redirects to port 80, 443

etc etc all sharing a single wan ip ?

Is this possible

Many thanks

hi, yes that is possible. If your public server is on same lan as internal servers then its not problem and it works. I’ve done it myself for my git server. Basically public server is exposed to internet and git server is accessible via proxy. To outside world it is not noticable, everything works even login into git server (via https as my git server ssh is disabled)

many thanks you dont happen to have a help document or describe how to do this sorry Im new at this and learning as I go.


Hi Allan,

I can help you with this however as I mention PROXYing I thought that you know how it works… there is plenty of material about apache proxy online however if you need to set it up quickly I can do that with you remotely. Sure I have somewhere my md documentation however with virtualmin its very easy. If you need still my help, contact me again on my email with the questions and I am sure I will help.

hello what do you need to assit remotely send me a message if you have too thanks