Website not resolving correcting after root password change

I am running multiple virtual host servers on one IP.
I recently had to change the main password for virtualmin root. The site I have created after the password does not want to resolve to the correct address (keeps resolving to my company)
I have checked all my setting in virtualmin and DNS manager and everything is correct. I have SSH and the settings in my config file are correct as well. This is the first site I have created since the password change.

Have I missed something??


Changing the root password wouldn’t have any bearing on Apache and resolving websites… there’s likely something else that changed previously that’s causing the issue you’re having.

There’s some thoughts here on how to troubleshoot that issue in the article titled “The wrong website shows up”:

Thanks for your reply. I had already looked at that document and checked all the ip addresses everything in the conf file looks correct and matches the other sites I have.

What distro/version is it that you have there?


I agree with Eric that it is very unlikely a root password change has anything to do with website resolution.

Just to make sure: Are we talking about DNS resolution to IP addresses, or about Apache selecting the wrong vhost to serve? I’m asking because the latter you don’t usually call “resolving”. :slight_smile: That’s what you call DNS lookups.