Website multi-domain

Hello, i need my homepage response to two domains, virtualmin is not the dns server of the zone, but in the other dns server i put two domains pointing to virtualmin, one of this finally go to the homepage of joomla, but the second domain i don’t have any idea to tell Apache to response with the homepage of the first domain, please help me a little, i’m playing with aliases and redirect but i think i need one docs because i don’t make anything that working :frowning:

So you would like for two domain names to both point to one website?

To do that, you can go into Create Virtual Server, and choose the "Alias" option.

That will allow you to setup a new domain name as an alias for an existing one.

Eureka !!! :slight_smile:

Thanks, sorry but i’m new, i don’t find the alias option, please, can you tell me one good manual to learning and don’t make a lot of silly questions ??? :wink:

Well, sometimes it’s just hard to know what it is that you want… you’re certainly welcome to ask questions here :slight_smile:

There are some guides in the “Documentation” area, but they’re much improved on the new website – which isn’t quite here yet. Once Joe launches that, things will be a bit simpler to figure out :slight_smile: