Website matches all sub-domains with exceptions

I have ticked the option for “Website matches all sub-domains” and now all of my subdomains redirecting to my Wordpress multisite but I want to create some stand alone virtual servers with the subdomain of the same domain name. how to do it whenever I create new virtual server of with subdomain of the domain where I have ticked “Website matches all sub-domains” that virtual servers get redirected to main domain.


example. com (Wordpress multisite with subdomain)- “Website matches all sub-domains”
site1.example. com, site2.example. com, site3.example. com and so on - working well

but now I want to create stand-alone virtual servers let’s say - site10.example. com
whenever I create it its just gets redirected to example. com


You should be able to add a sub-server which will work independently, while the functionality will work for all other sub domains not created.

Ex. “” with feature turned on will allow “” to resolve to “”, but if you create sub server called “” it would use it’s own settings.

Hope this makes sense.

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I have created a stand-alone subdomain but it is getting redirected to main domain ( where I have ticked on “Website matches all sub-domains”).

and when I untick that option then all of my stand-alone subdomains work properly.

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