Website load very2 slow!!

I got vps with 4GB RAM and 50GB space…
Im running 2 website which is:

my problem, sometimes, my both website load very2 sow… and it is happening now…

how can I troubleshoot this?
my virtualmin panel work normal… my vps also work fast…
I just cant find any factor that make my websites load slow…

anyone online and reading this??? please help me…
Im loosing my traffic since this problem happen…

I moved about 3 or 4 vps from different host and all give same problem… I suspect that virtualmin that have this problem…

Centos 6.4 64bit


Well, Virtualmin isn’t involved in the process of accessing your website.

Normally, slowness is related to something the website is trying to do while it generates it’s content… so that typically means the issue is related to PHP, MySQL, and/or Apache.

Just to make sure something unusual isn’t going on, you may want to review your systems load average by running the command “uptime” – what does that show?

Also, what software is your website using? Is it custom software? Or is it something like WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal?

And do you see any errors in your Apache error logs for that domain? You can see the logs in $HOME/logs/error_log.

Lastly – what kind of VPS software are you using? That’s usually something like Xen, KVM, or OpenVZ.


01:13:13 up 3 days, 1:10, 1 user, load average: 0.06, 0.09, 0.05

on, Im using wordpress… on, Im using script made by me…
if it is about mysql problem, I suspect… it using mysql database heavily…
about 20-60 user online based on stats…
they will execute script that will access about 30 rows…

but can it be the problem?
I seen before about 70 people online but my website have no problem

in error log: -> no error -> no error

Im using OPENVZ with centos 6.4 64bit

this happen about once in 2,3, or 5 days… once it happen, it took hours to get back to normal

Im loosing traffic since this happen… :frowning:


What happens if you create a file named “test.php” in your public_html folder, and in it, place the following contents:

`<?php phpinfo(); ?>

Then access test.php in your browser.

When you do that, does it load immediately? Or does it take just as long to load?

If it loads immediately, that means there’s something that your websites are doing that is taking a long time to complete. Unfortunately, trying to figure that out can be tricky.

One thing you could try is to install a tool such as mytop:

Mytop is like “top” for MySQL… it’ll show you what all is going on within MySQL, and you can monitor that while your website is loading.

That might help you identify if there are queries that are running which are performing slowly.


takes more than 10minutes to complete…

I dont know what to do… if it about mysql, it should stop querying if my website inaccesible right??

I am using service from to monitor my website downtime… here email I received

Dear User, because of continual failure for a duration of 12 hours your test was suspended.

wow… my website down for more than 12 hours… Im loosing traffic. I feel like crazy… I cant let this happen… I will reinstall my vps…

I experinced this problem everytime I am using virtualmin… shared server can handle my site, but vps cant handle it…

hey… someone recommend me to reboot my vps… and my website goes back to normal… why I dont think to reboot it, how stupid I am… but, if this problem happen again, I dont have any choice, but try other alternnative to virtualmin…

ahh… the problem goes away for a short time… and came back again :confused:


There is clearly something wrong with your website if it’s slowing down after a short period of time, or perhaps you need to further optimize your system settings a bit more.

I can offer assistance in trying to resolve your issues for a minimal fee. Drop me a line if you’d like me to take a look.

Best Regards, Peter Knowles TPN Solutions

P: 604-782-9342

well, I am now testing other free panel… to see if my website that brought me that problem…
I see a topic on this forum same problem like me and until now no solution

why do you think that your issue is the panel? Are you using Apache or…? Php apps or ? what mpm and how many processes at a time? Then, you also need to check your logs to understand if you get too many http requests from specific IPs which require excessive RAM usage…