Website does not resolve

Operating system:
OS version:
I made a subserver -
the dns are pointed to nameservers correctly.
the root for webfiles is: /home/customerengagementpros/domains/
I have an index file there under"public_html, but i still get the virtual admin placeholder
whats up. Why does it not resolve?


Welcome to the Virtualmin community!

When you say “virtual admin placeholder”, are you referring to the Virtualmin index page that says “Under Construction”?

If so, this is file is generated when you create a virtual server, and is called “index.html”. To get rid of this page simply login via FTP and delete the “index.html” file from the “public_html” page.

This page is created by default so you don’t see a nasty 404 or 403 error message.

Hope this helps!

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there is no index.html – i created my own and still see the virtual admin placeholder

Is index.htm included the DirectoryIndex line for the VirtualHost in question in the relevant Apache configuration file?

What is livehost. Could os version anyway? — sounds like I’ve living in debian cave…

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