Website Disabled but server enabled

Hello !

I’m using Virtualmin GPL on Debian 5.

Today, I changed the domain name of one of my virtual server, and since then I get the message “Website Disabled” (the virtual server is enabled).
I tried to find an option to enable it, but I can’t find any, I thought the website was automatically enabled with the virtual server, no?

For your information, I have installed a Wordpress Network on that Virtual server.
I have define an alias on that domain and create a 2nd wordpress blog with that alias, and I that website is working fine (at least I can access the home page).

Do you have an idea what’s wrong?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Well, I have been into “Edit Virtual Server”, where there is the option “Apache website enabled?”. This option was already checked.
I have unchecked it (I had to remove the virtual web site aliases first), applied the changes and then I checked it again and save the virtual server settings … but nothing changed, I still have the “Website Disabled” message.


Hmm, so are any of the Virtual Servers on your server disabled?

I’m wondering if it’s displaying the incorrect site for some reason.

Common causes for that are here:


No, I don’t have any virtual server disabled …

Finally I have deleted the virtual server and waited 48h to be sure that all DNS changes has been taken into account.

After all that I had the “It works” message, for the default virtual server and my domain. So that’s fine.

But I now have a domain redirection problem between with/without the “www”. I have post an other message that you also have answered ( :slight_smile:

Thanks !