webpage requiring user authentication

I have installed virtualmin and created a virtual server teluguinvestor.com. I have changed A records and NS records in my domain manger panel. But the webpage is displaying authentication box like at http://www.teluguinvestor.com/error.jpg I have changed the name servers again to old hosting


That could happen if there is a .htaccess file configured to require authentication in any of the directories leading up to your website.

Does your website, or any of the directories before it, use a .htaccess file?


Hi Eric
Thanks a lot. I have changed the .htaccess file. It is working fine now.

Can some one help with these issues.

My website is working only without www. when i add www to the domain name it is not working.

Another issue is i have wordpress installation in a directory /blog. After moving to vps with virtualmin, it is showing 500 internal server error.


Did only the filesystem path to Wordpress change, or also the domain name? The former case should be handled by Wordpress automatically, the latter is more complicated.

The 500 error can have any number of reasons. Are database access users etc. still the same? Check your Apache error log for the domain in question, there should be more details about what caused the error.