Webmins network configuration DNS and hosts Help


Is there somewhere an “how to” config webmins network configuration like DNS and hosts that’s somehow understandable for none IT professionals ?

Im sure that most conflicts around webmin and virtualmin are based on bad, wrong and overkilling configurations made right after opening webbased gui and clicking around inside the DNS and hosts to get an webserver up and running as quick as possible…

An understandable guide how to CONFIG proper an webserver in webmin at home will help and made that first virgin start somehow easier …

Thank you


Just start adding the first virtual server. Virtualmin will try to detect and make things work for you.

Have a look at these tutorials as well:



I’m fully respecting your rank at this forum and expected this kind of reply but I’m honest, this answer dos not pass my question at all!

Webmin needs to be configured at the DNS and HOST part as well as virtualmins v-servers later one… Webmin can handle additional hosts as standalone without virtualmin to…

To get all this work, you need to start from scratch the right way without confusing your network with overkill configurations…

Personally I know that any little change on the network part has effect to every single vhost and additional functions (plug-ins)… Webmin is incredible function rich so I would like to get them work, to make them work, you need to start configuring webmin from scratch the right way.

Is there any understandable documentation or a how to for none it pros ?

Thank you