Webmin Virtualmin Vhost question

I’m running Virtualmin(GPL) and Webmin 1.35 on FreeBSD 6.0 with Apache22 and am baffled by an issue I cannot resolve. When I select the Webmin Apache server module, the virtual servers I’ve defined (using Virtualmin) are not displayed even though I’ve specified the path for the virtual hosts as /usr/etc/local/apache22/extra/httpd-vhosts.conf. I’ve confirmed Virtualmin does correctly append the new virtual host to this file, but it appears Webmin is not parsing it to determine virtual host definitions.

Additionally, I’ve added the subversion plugin, and when I add a new host through Virtualmin an error stating the no virtual host is defined is thrown when Virtualmin attempts to enable subversion.

Am I missing something obvious?


I dunno. Sounds like maybe a bug, but it could also be a problem with the configuration (but the fact that Virtualmin actually appends to the file hints otherwise). I’ll ask Jamie to have a look at this thread.

I think I know the cause - make sure that in your main Apache config file (perhaps /usr/etc/local/apache22/etc/httpd.conf), there is a line like :

Include /usr/etc/local/apache22/extra/httpd-vhosts.conf

without it, neither Apache or Webmin will read the new virtual hosts that are created via Webmin.

If there is already an Include line that refers to that file via a non-absolute path, change it to use the full path as above.

That was it - when I used an absolute path rather than the relative path, Webmin did display the virtual servers correctly under the apache server module. (BTW, Apache did parse the relative path correctly after adding vhosts using Virtualmin.)

Thanks for an outstanding piece of software!

That would explain it - when Webmin see a relative path, it assumes that it is relative to the Apache root directory, which is set on the Module Config page of the Apache module. In your case, it probably wasn’t set correctly, since you appear to have a custom compiled version of Apache installed…