Webmin/virtualmin & usermin behind nginx reverse proxy host

I have an Nginx reverse proxy working wonderfully for Webmin/Virtualmin after going through the forums and editing the miniserv.conf at /etc/webmin/ adding redirect_port=443 and relative_redir=0

I’ve done the same for /etc/usermin/miniserv.conf but would like the links to usermin from webmin to point to a different url so my reverse proxy can send traffic for usermin to port 20000 on the backend and can’t seem to find a documented solution to achieve this.

My reverse proxy layout is as follows;
client → https://admin.domain.tld:443 → nginx rev. proxy → https://ip-of-webmin:10000
client → https://webmail.domain.tld:443 → nginx rev. proxy → https://ip-of-webmin:20000
where domain.tld is the same and the subdomains distinguish between accessing webmin/virtualmin or usermin respectively.

Debian 10
Webmin 1.984 (LEMP Stack, Minimal)
Virtualmin 6.17-3 Pro
Usermin 1.834

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