Webmin/Virtualmin upgrades

How do you implement the upgrade of your packages?
In may old installation I have a module to upgrade Webmin.
In the new one I cannot find where to do it?
Is it ‘automatic’ and the user would be asked to upgrade?
Thank you.

I don’t know. You haven’t given us enough information to tell you.

Is it a Virtualmin installation performed using our install.sh automated install script? If so, then you should have a line saying “Package updates All Virtualmin packages are up to date.” in the System Information System section, or you should have an available updates section listing the new versions available and a link to the Virtualmin Package Updates module.

We disable the Webmin Configuration>Upgrade Webmin page in Virtualmin when the Virtualmin Package Updates module is available because it confuses people to have two ways to upgrade Webmin.

Okay, I understand.
I have all fresh and up-to-date programs and modules.
I’m just asking for the future.
So, when Virtualmin goes out-to-date I’ll receive a warning.
I’ve set Webmin to send me a weekly mail with needed updates reminders. This is a nice implementation.