Webmin/Virtualmin stops after some while since last update

I recently updated to webmin 1.954 and virtualmin 6.11
(usermin 1.803 and theme 19.53-2)

Now when I log into webmin I sometimes discover webmin/virtualmin is down.
Sites and services are all up. Nothing wrong there.

when I restart webmin restart
I get webmin/stop, no such process

then starting webmin server and all is there again…

after a few days to discover webmin is down again.

Any clues? Tx.

Check the log files.
Without more details, there is literally no way to help you.

there is a bunch of them… the webmin/miniserv.error doesn’t give a clue…

what log file would you guess is the one to look into?

The syslog and daemon.log might be worth to check.
The other log file is only for the webserver for the panel.

Thanks… I now did setup a monitor to watch when webmin stops… Then I will check the logs…

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