Webmin/Virtualmin install fails on Debian 11

OS type and version Debian 11.5.0
Webmin version 2.001
Virtualmin version 7
Related packages install.sh

Install steps:
Debian-VM-steps.log (937 Bytes)

virtualmin-install.log (93.3 KB)

The error messages at the end of the install log mention files failing to download. I get the same kind of messages with two or three other mirrors such as those at UBC and Waterloo.

Over to the experts …


UBC or Waterloo references such as you mention look like issues connecting to “distro” repos, not Virtualmin’s own repos.

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Is the problem with the distro files themselves (e.g., existence or location), or with the requests in the VM script?


Virtualmin install script when it comes to distro files being installed is simply doing an “apt” request, using the system configured mirrors.

The mirror you were setup to use was likely having a temp issue.

It’s difficult to see how multiple download sites could be having the same issues at the same time.

This problem is now resolved, but I still do not know why it occurred. The problem did not recur after I downed and restarted the ESXi server (and, of course, the two virtual machines on it).

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